Carbon arrows For Recurve Bow Longbow Turkey Feathers Fletching

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Arrow Length:31 inches ( 80 cm )
Shaft material:hydro carbon
Fletching: 3x 5" Turkey Feathers
Arrow Shaft Diameter: 7.5 mm;
Shaft Weight: 26 +/- 1 gram ( 400 grain )
Target points: 100 grain, removable and allow for quick change to Hunting Broadhead 
Plastic Nock: can be rotated to any angle to fit your bow
Suggest Draw Weight: 25~40 Lb
Fit Recurve Bow, Longbow and other traditional bows
Quantity: 12 pcs arrows/ pack
Free Shipping to U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, European Countries.
Delivery time: 3~4 weeks.
Fit Longbow, Recurve Bows and other Archery bows 
The shafts is made of composite carbon&fiberglass and H Nocks Pre-installed. We use 3 pcs 3″ plastic for the vanes.Its slim Target point are designed to ease shaft removal from all types of foam targets.Take the wear and tear on your arrows out of practicing.This Carbon&Fiberglass arrow has good performance, low hand shock with good speed, perfect for your practice shooting purpose.

Tips for Changing the angle of the nock

put the plastic nock into hot water for more than 30 seconds, then use pliers to change its angle.

For “Beginner”&”Practice”, not for “Competition-use”

Recommend shooting these arrows to Styrofoam/Synthetic target. If you shoot these arrows to hard targets, the shaft will got cracked easily.