12Pcs China Archery Wooden Practice Arrows

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Arrows length: 28~32 inch
Suggested Draw Weight: 20~45 lbs; No accurate spine weight.
Weight Range:
27~32 gram ( 28 Inch )
32~37 gram ( 30 Inch )
37~42 gram ( 32 Inch )
Nock: Plastic Nock
Fletching: 3x 5″ Natural Turkey feathers
Arrows Shaft Material: Indonesia Ramin wood
Shaft Diameter: 8.5 mm ( 11/32″ )
Target point: Glue-On Steel
Quantity:12 pcs/pack
Origin: China
Quantity: 12 pcs arrows/ pack
Ship to U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Asia and European Countries.
Delivery time: 3~4 weeks.

These Archery Wooden Arrows are offered in quantities of one dozen (12 pcs), and offer up a stunning appearance that looks perfect in the hands of a long bowman.Arrow is made from hardy and strong ramin wood which has long been known as the good wood for arrows on the planet, featuring plastic nock and arrows with steel point. Three turkey feather 5″ vanes makes this arrow's fletching.

Natural feathers are important to good arrow flight for traditional bows. Plastic vanes will not provide good arrow flight. Natural feathers will flatten and collapse without altering the arrow's flight, unlike plastic vanes which will not.

1. Wooden arrows are only for Longbow, Recurve bow or other traditional bows, NEVER shoot wood arrows with a compound bow.
2. These Rami Wood arrows are usually fit for beginner's target practice, it do not have accurate spine weight. If you need high standard wood arrows, you can consider our cedar wood arrows.