Olympic archery distance

How far is Olympic archery?

Long distance shots are what give the sport of archery its fame. Olympic archers display their skills by hitting their targets at 70 meters (229.66 feet) using a recurve bow. 70 meters is the standard competition distance. It’s a distance that all archers can strive to hit, regardless of their equipment or level of experience.

The high camera angle for the first 15 seconds of this video gives a good perspective of the Olympic target distance

Olympic archers use a 122cm, and the 10 ring, or the yellow ring that gives 10 points is 12.2 cm in diameter. If you’ve ever watched Olympic competition, you’ve seen that archers rarely miss the target, often scoring within the 8 – 10 range? which is an incredible feat considering distance, wind, and the anxiety of such high level competition.

Image by JL-2017  on Pixabay

So, how do they do it? How are they able to shoot arrows with such amazing accuracy over long distances?

There are three main factors that contribute to an archer’s ability to make long distance shots: practice, equipment, and form. Olympic archers spend countless hours practicing their craft. They know their equipment inside and out, and they have perfected their form. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors.

Practice is the first and most important factor in an archer’s ability to make long distance shots. Olympic archers don’t just show up on competition day and expect to win. They’ve been honing their skills for years.

In addition to Olympic records, there are world records for various other distances as well. The current world record for the longest shot ever recorded was made by an American man named Matt Stutzman. Sutzman was born without arms, so uses his feet to hold the bow. He hit a target at 223.47 meters (733.15 feet) using a compound bow held by his foot.

image: www.paralympic.org

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