How to use a Mongolian draw to fire a bow

The Mongolian draw is a technique used in archery that involves drawing the bowstring back with the thumb instead of your index finger or forefingers. Many who use this technique make use of a thumb ring that protects the thumb by displacing the pressure from the bowstring across the ring’s surface. To successfully use this technique, you must master several important steps and techniques.

Although this technique is sometimes known as the Mongolian thumb draw, it is seen throughout most Asian archery styles and practices. For that reason, it is also known as just the thumb draw, or as a part of Asiatic archery.

One key aspect of the Mongolian draw is positioning your thumb correctly on the string of your bow. You should start by placing your thumb on the string slightly below the nocking point, or where you attach the arrow to the bowstring. When pulling on the string, it is recommended to make contact with the string slightly above the first knuckle or joint on the thumb.

Shooters who pull the string with their right hand will rest the arrow on the right side of the bow. Once your thumb is properly positioned, it’s important to keep it steady as you pull back on the string. This can be done by gripping your thumb and the rest of your fingers tightly around the bow.

Your index finger should be placed next to the string, and not wrapped around it while resting on the arrow nock. Your index finger will hook around the tip of the thumb. The rest of your fingers can be curled into a fist. You will use it to help support and stabilize the arrow as you draw back.

When you are ready to shoot, take a deep breath and steady your hand before drawing the arrow all the way back until your thumb is touching your chin. Be careful not to over-draw, as this can damage the bow.

Additionally, you will need to practice drawing back on the string at a consistent pace. If you pull too quickly, you may end up jerking or buckling the arrow and sending it off course. It’s important to take your time when pulling back so that you can properly aim before letting go of the string.

Once you have drawn the arrow back, aim carefully at your target and release the tension on your thumb and forefinger, letting the string go. If you are new to the thumb draw and resting the arrow on the right side of the bow (for right-handed shooters), be prepared for the arrows to veer off to the right.

To achieve a successful Mongolian draw, it is important to choose the right bow and arrow for your shooting style. You should also familiarize yourself with proper form and technique, including how to position your thumb on the string, keep your hand steady as you pull back, and aim accurately before releasing the arrow.

With some practice and careful attention to detail, you can use a Mongolian draw to successfully fire your bow in nearly any situation. Whether you’re target shooting or hunting in the wilderness, this technique will allow you to hit your targets with accuracy and precision.

The draw method is explained an demonstrated by BackyardBowyer on Youtube

featured image : by Bernd Thaller

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