China 30~50 Lb Draw Weight Takedown Recurve Bow

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★All bows comes with a string

Bow type: Takedown Recurve bow,Right Handed (bow in your left hand, and string in your right hand)
Bow length: 52" (128cm)
Draw weight:50 lbs @ 28 inch
Draw Length: Up to 29.5inch;
Bow material: Full Hardwood Elm Wood+Fiberglass Limbs coverd by Faux Leather
Package: 1*bow+1*string ( if you need additional string, pls contact us for cost )
Dispatch: within 48 hours after payment cleared

Origin: China
Free Shipping to U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, European Countries.
Delivery time: 2~4 weeks

This bow shoots fast and is light weight. Great bow for the target shooter , small game hunter or for big game in the 45-50 lbs versions . Very beautiful and clean finish.

All bows come with a string. Bow will arrive in 3 main pieces with bolts and allen wrench to put together.

Package Contents

All bows come with a string. Takedown Bow will arrive in 3 main pieces with bolts and allen wrench to put together. Each package includes the following items:
* The takedown bow, including riser and limbs
* String
* bolts and allen wrench

The takedown bow’s limbs is made of fiberglass and covered by beautiful artificial leather, riser is made of Full Elm hardwood.

Assembling The Takedown Recurve Bow
To assemble the Takedown bow, you just attach the limbs to the riser and then string the bow. The limbs detach and reattach easily using bolts and an Allen wrench.

Is This Takedown Bow Suitable For Hunting?
This recurve takedown bow would server pretty well for the beginning bow hunter. It is pretty well made for such an inexpensive bow, and comes in draw weights that should satisfy the legalities of bow hunting. Since it’s so inexpensive, you also won’t worry about it taking a bit of a beating in the bush. Its 50# draw weight can perfectly suit for taking down a deer or bow fishing.

Is This Takedown Bow Suitable For Beginners?
This Takedown bow is most definitely suitable for a beginner to either target archery or bow hunting, as long as an experienced archer inspects the bow first to make sure the string is centered on the bow and there aren’t any problems with limb twist.