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Which Way Should the Fletching be Pointed?

A small but potentially important archery detail for accurately firing arrows is, which way should the arrow’s fletching be pointed? The simple answer is, the index vane, or odd colored vane (cock vane) should be pointed away from the riser facing you (as seen in the featured image). The other two will point towards the […]

Korean Horseback Archery

Korean horseback archery dates back to the Goguryeo period. It was a widely practiced form of archery during the Joseon Dynasty. Mounted archers are a proud part of Korean heritage. Mounted archers are historically known as the “true soldiers” of Korea. Horseback archery was used extensively in warfare until the introduction of firearms in the […]

How to use a Mongolian draw to fire a bow

The Mongolian draw is a technique used in archery that involves drawing the bowstring back with the thumb instead of your index finger or forefingers. Many who use this technique make use of a thumb ring that protects the thumb by displacing the pressure from the bowstring across the ring’s surface. To successfully use this […]

What is archery?

Archery is the practice of shooting arrows at a target with a bow. The target you’re aiming at can take various forms.  It can be the center of the archery target (the “bullseye”) used in target archery, the torso of a hunted animal, or a soldier of an opposing army. The word archery is derived […]

Which country’s national sport is archery?

Unlike Olympic-style archery where spectators are silent as the archer stands on the shooting line, spectators and competitors sing songs, dance, cheer and jeer the shooter as he lines up for his shot as well as after the target is hit or missed.

Mongol Bow

The Mongol bow is a category of recurve bows that were traditionally used while mounted on horseback. Mongolian archers were some of the most skilled and feared in all of history, and their bows were a big part of that. Mongol bows are shorter than other types of bows, which made them more maneuverable and […]

Getting Back into Archery

photo: Photo by Mikhail Nilov Before this break, I would go to the archery range weekly for years. I loved it and hated it. I had some flow days where I couldn’t miss. I spent the rest of those years chasing those days. One simple motion. How hard can it be? Truth be told, outside of […]

How Old Might Archery Be?

The short answer to the question of how old archery could be is, 72, 000 years old. However, dates of early human technology can be pushed back with future archeological discoveries. I’ve sometimes wondered how old archery might be and who invented it. Where does it fit in on the timeline of weapons technology? Upon looking, […]