7 benefits of archery

In addition to being fun, there are many beneficial effects we can gain from getting involved in the practice of archery. While some benefits are obvious, others are less so. Here are 7 benefits that can be gained through archery:

  1. coordination – Archery requires good hand-eye coordination. It builds our coordination by teaching our brain and body to work together. You must see the target, then move your body in a way that places the arrow at the spot you’re aiming at. Whether gap shooting or using a sight, the archer must move their body in the same way and place it in the same positions in order to find consistency on the archery field
  2. relaxation – The act of shooting an arrow can be very relaxing. For some people, it is a form of meditation. It can help us clear our minds and relieve stress. An archery field is generally a quiet place where the only sounds are the sounds of arrows leaving bows. while there may be some talking, you’ll rarely find people yelling or being noisy.
  3. discipline – In order to be successful in archery, one must be disciplined in their practice. Discipline is required to keep showing up to practice on days where you may not be “feeling it.” It also comes in the form of doing challenging, less rewarding things like increasing keeping your routine going when getting tired. This also extends to the discipline of caring for your own equipment, and Keeping it in good order. This discipline can carry over into other areas of life as well.
  4. self-confidence – Archery can help build self-confidence. Hitting the target consistently can give a boost to your confidence levels. Taking classes, or consistent practice will bring about rapid improvement. As in many things, improvements is greatest for those new to the sport. A boost of confidence can arise after a day where you’ve seen more shooting success than “yesterday.” Getting good at something is always a valid source of pride.
  5. improved upper body strength: – Archery requires the use of muscles in the shoulders, back, and arms. By practicing archery regularly, you can help improve your upper body strength. In a few months, you may find the need to go to a “heavier” draw weight. This means, your practice and increased strength in the area now allow you to pull a string that was previously too difficult to pull and hold.
  6. mental focus: When you’re shooting an arrow, you have to focus your attention on the target. Archery also requires concentration on the target as well as the routine and movement of loading / nocking and firing the arrow. It helps us learn to focus our attention on a single task, which can be useful in other areas of our lives.
  7. social activity: Archery is a great social activity. It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends. The transient nature of some archery fields allows you to meet different people who are coming and going on their own schedules. Practitioners at archery fields are often more than happy to discuss interesting details about the hobby you both share. This can open up communication and lead to new friendships and associations.

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