Wooden Recurve Bows For Sale

Handmade Wooden Recurve Bows For Sale

No matter if you have been interested in archery for years or you have just recently gotten started with this amazing sport, you may be interested in our wooden recurve bows. are pleased to create and off high quality, affordable traditional wood recurve bows for sale in the China.Our passion is crafting custom handmade wooden recurve bows, arrows and accessories for you our customers. We have 10 years of experience making, shooting and hunting with these great products and feel lucky that we get to do so!

wood recurve bows for sale

Replica Tatar Wooden Recurve bows for sale

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“Tartar” is an ethnic slur for the Tatars, the people of Eastern Europe and Central Asia who spoke Turkic languages. The early Mongol hordes were Tatars. They were reputed to be a vicious, violent people, proficient with weaponry. The name “Tartar” comes from Tartarus, the name of the Underworld.Tatar, also spelled Tartar, any member of several Turkic-speaking peoples that collectively numbered more than 5 million in the late 20th century and lived mainly in west-central Russia along the central course of the Volga River and its tributary, the Kama, and thence east to the Ural Mountains. The Tatars are also settled in Kazakhstan and, to a lesser extent, in western Siberia.

This Replica Tatar recurve bows for sale was a true recurve bow and shorter than most other bows at the time. Made of fiberglass, wood and other stiff materials, the recurve construction gave the bow more power than could be generated otherwise. More power means faster arrows, which means better accuracy or penetration power. The short nature of the bow allowed the shooter to use the bow from horseback very effectively. The Tatars were a nomadic horse people, generally of the Central Asian steppes, so their warfare (as well as their way of life) was fought from the saddle. A short bow allows you to quickly ready yourself for battle as well as aim at targets on both sides of your horse. Also, short bows means shorter arrows, which confers a portability benefit as well.

At 51” long, this wooden laminated bow is designed perfectly for those who are working to build their stance and develop their shooting ability. It is inexpensive, especially when you consider the quality. Unlike the longbow, which is made of one single length of wood, the recurve bow, to accommodate the shape, is made out of several layers of wood that have been laminated together.

Advantage of our Tatar bow comparing to longbow

The big advantage is that it would be more effective in an ambush. Since the tartar bow is shot off the thumb rather than the back of the hand, an archer lying in ambush can lie on their back with their arms free and still fire. With other bows (such as the longbow) an archer has to lie on their stomach, trapping their arm under them.

Our well made wooden recure bows will give you a life time of pleasure and will allow you to experience archery on a different level.

Available Options for our Wooden Recurve bows for sale: 30/35/40/45/50lbs @ 28 inches draw

Because this bow is wood laminated, we need at least 10 business days for finish. Pls allow this time for working.

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