Traditional Archery Feather Fletched Wooden Arrows

Handmade Wooden arrows Sale

28~32inch Length+Natural Feather Fletching

wooden arrows for sale

All of our wooden arrows is hand-made

Wood is the most prolific and successful arrow material ever used by man. They’ve been in continuous use for thousands of years, keeping us fed, protecting us from enemies, and delighting us in bowhunting and target archery venues. Our staff has a great passion for tradition wood arrows, bows, and their craft skill learned from their family’s heritage. From wood selection, straightening, to fletching (gluing on feathers), tapering, mounting points, all is hand made in order to insure the traditional wooden arrows quality.
wooden arrow for sale


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Usage of wooden arrows

Wooden arrows are created for Longbow&Recurve Bow originilly, but not designed to be shot from a compound bow.The compound bow is more powerful than Longbow&Recurve bow and has higher requirements for the arrows’ durability and draw weight. A wooden arrow might shatter or split or blow up after some shooting from a compound bow.Safety should be considered overall. More cheap wood arrows is available on our archery shop.

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Wooden arrows shaft

The first choice of ours for making wooden arrows shaft is G.bancanus&Cedar, which is proven to construct good quality wooden archery arrows shafting and make arrows consistent and straight.The shaft size is 11/32”. For the nocks we use Pre-installed H nocks or Self-Nocked. The fletching standard is 3pcs 5” feather with different color and style. Still looking for wood arrow for sale? Vist our webshop and find large seletcions.

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Wooden arrows with broadheads type

We’ve have types of broadheads for the wooden arrows for different purposes.The first type is for normal archery practice. It’s stell glue-on, 125 grains and slim shape with black/golden/silver color. The second type is Medieval metal style broadheads, which will décor your arrows with tradition performance. The third type is Sharp boradheads made for hunting. We also prepared some interesting item like whilsting broadhead..etc. You can select all of them for wooden hunting arrows from our shop on line.

Price of Wooden arrows we provided

The price start from 3.32 usd per arrow . We hope you can enjoy our archery wooden arrows with good quality and affordable price.

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