Traditional Recurve Bows For Sale

Traditional 1-Piece&Takedown Recurve Bows on Sale

As a professional manufacturer of Junze® archery bows in China, we’re proud to sell our Handmade Recurve Bows on-line. All of our bows is hand-made by our experienced staff. Our Main products include Take-down bows, Horsebow, and China Traditional Recurve Bows fit for different requirements.

One Piece Traditional Recurve Bows 35~60#

one piece traditional recurve bow

As we all understand, dates back to the 1800s. Bow hunting could be tracked through many regions around the world, including Asia, Europe, and North America. The proficient that were true archery guys were believed to function as the Native Americans. The bows of the Native Americans were quite easy and basic. It was their especial ability to stalk within very close range of their prey, that helped them overcome their dearth of equipment and become successful. Its that ability to get close to our prey that remains the essence of bow hunting now. In nowadays, thanks for new technology introduced into archery, you can enjoy handmade Junze® recurve bows for sale cheap with fast production procedure comparing to a very long time which usullly need 3 months in old days.

This type One piece China traditional bows is the bow that the Manchus brought into China when they invaded the Ming empire in the early 17th century. The structure material of our Authentic style Chinese traditonal bows is Wooden and Fiberglass, which makes the bow more durable than old crafts. The outside of the bow has been wrapped by Pigskin&Snakeskin. The length of Chinese bow is mainly 146cm(57.5inches,un-strung), draw weight ranges from 35bs to 70lbs. Click here to learn more.

The Fiberglass Recurve Bow for sale features a more traditional touch with a cowhide covered wood grip. The Recurve is a quicker, quieter and far smoother firing bow subsequently the longbow, which makes it a favorite pick among many.

For an archer deciding to shoot on recurve archery bows for sale, she or he is also picking simplicity in regards to gear. There is extremely little you can add to a traditional bow to help support in accuracy and precision, because of this dearth of equipment, shooting a handmade fiberglass recurve bow will need a fantastic deal of commitment and practice to master. You can find more recurve bows for sale cheap on our archery store.

Takedown Recurve Bows 30~50#


China Takedown bow 45/50 Lbs

“Take Down” means that the bow comes apart in 3 pieces: the middle grip section & the 2 limbs. Take down bow is very easy to transport as well as store, which again is a plus for rank beginners who haven’t yet had the chance to shoot a bow. It will allow beginners to learn the basic construction of their equipment as they assemble it, and will also make owning the bow less of a commitment (as you can simply remove the limbs from the riser and stash it under your bed or in a closet for as long as you like). Click here to learn more

Handmade Horsebow 35~45#, 50 inches length

chinese horse bow

Small Recurve Bows have draw weights and lengths suited for beginner, female and junior archers.This little recurve horse bow is perfectly sized for the smaller framed shooter, like women, youth, and those that just can not handle heavy powerful bows.The very low brace height will help the short draw shooters get as much from it as it has to give. Surprisingly the little 50″ bow will also draw to 29″ which is longer than most of us draw.The length of the horse bow in mounted archery is generally shorter.The poundage of the bow should also be lighter than you are generally used to, for it is much harder to draw a bow from the back of a galloping horse. Click here to learn more about our store’s cheap traditional bows for sale.

Remember that with a traditional recurve bow the weight will change depending upon what your draw length is. Bow weight will change approximately ±2.5 pounds for every inch from a bows rated draw length. So a bow rated 45# @ 28″ bow is roughly a 42.5# @ 27″ or 47.5# @ 29″. Draw weight is marked at the nearest 5# increment to actual weight, (2#’s under and 3#’s over). This is a recurve bow industry wide standard.

Price, Shipping, and Warranty

We off the best price to our clients because we are the direct manufacturer, client can enjoy amazing price from us due to no middle man in the business line.
It will usually need 7 to 10 business days for our bow’s delivery to U.S.A, kindly notice that it’s free shipping.
We offer 1-Year Warranty for all of bows.

If you’re looking for handmade recurve bows for sale, pls visit our web shop to find cheap traditional 1-piece or takedown bows.

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