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Mongol bow definition-

what is a mongolian bow and when was the mongolian bow invented

The Mongol bow is a recurved composite bow renowned for its military effectiveness.The Mongol bow is a recurved composite bow consisting of a wooden core, with horn on the belly (facing the archer) and sinew on the back (away from the archer), all held together with animal glue. The bow is relatively short to facilitate ease of use from horseback.The earliest mongol bow was invented about 2,000 years ago.In the age of cold wars, bows and arrows are the most deadly horrible weapon. The age of arrows’ invention maybe can be traced back to the age of mythology distant.Use the horn bow to hunt is one of the Mongolian traditional sports and is very popular in Mongolian land.

How a mongolian bow is made

-Mongolian horse/recurve bow making plans technique

In 1863 Engels said: bow, string, arrow is a very complex tool, the invention of these tools need to have a long-term accumulation of experience and more developed intelligence.Mongolian Horn bow maker uses a thin and flexible wicker arch as the limbs, paste the horn to the back of the limbs. Each horn piece is about two to three inches long, with a special glue in order to stick to the back of the limbs one by one. The glue is made out of a horse or other animal skin, sticky and hard to crack.

They also stick dichotomanthes onto the outside of the horn. After softening, dichotomanthes became into a very fine silk shape, each is only two or three inches long. Such filaments stuck outside the horn for fixing function, tendon wire joints also bundled by cow tendon which are also sticked bt glue, then the entire bow became a whole piece. There are two notches on the end of the bow’s tips for string’s rest.This making process require very professional skill, if the horn in stick is not strong, the bow will be easily got craked when draw.

In the final, bowmaker usually cover snakeskin outside the bow for decoration.

Mongol bow specification

1)Mongolian bow materials: wicker, horn, fish glue and sinew, snakeskin
2)mongolian bow draw weight: 20 to 200 lb (poundage)
3)mongolian bow weight:very light, usually below 1.3kg (2.86lb)
4)mongol bow power and effective range: a 88lb mongol bow’s effective range is usually 160 meters

Mongolian draw and release

The Old Mongols have their own technique for shooting, known as the “Mongolian release.” The Mongols, if right-handed, keep their bow in the left hand, pushes it forward as the right arm pulls the string all the way back to behind the ear. The left arm is now fully extended, and the release is near. However, now comes an interesting part. Since this mongolian horse bow has immense power, the Mongols have to use a special technique to hold the string during the drawing of the bow and before the arrow is released. The technique is as follows: The string is held by the thumb, since this is the strongest finger. Still, it is not easy to hold 166 pounds comfortably. Thus, the thumb is supported with the index finger curling around, placed atop the outermost joint, exactly at the base of the nail. The other fingers are also curled, forming a fist. Even so, this is not enough. Hence, the Mongols use a special ring on which the string is hooked before release. This thumb ring, a cylinder that fits around the outer part of the thumb and protects its pad from damage as the string is released, is typically made from Chinese jade or agate, but leather, metal and bone is also known to have been used.

Mongolian archery naadam

mongolian archery naadam
Naadam is the national holiday of Mongolia.It gives rise to festivities each year on July 11th and 12th in Ulaanbaatar and in the rest of the country the following week.The Naadam festival in Ulaanbaatar is the most famous and most prestigious one, but if you get a chance, try to see those held in the rest of the country, there are many fewer people and the atmosphere is much more friendly and authentic.These festivals include three traditional sports in Mongolia, called the “three manly games”: horse racing, archery and Mongolian wrestling.

Mongolian archery equipment

1)mongolian bow thumb ring
2)mongolian bow quiver
3)mongolian bow sheath

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