Traditional Bows For Women

Traditional Bows For Women

bows for women

Zhao Ping, one of the students at the college, has been learning Chinese archery for three years.  She explained that unlike current bows, traditional Chinese bows are long, large bows that lack any sights for aiming.

“Where the arrow hits doesn’t matter, what matters is the process of shooting a bow. It’s a process of cultivating one’s mind,” Zhao said.

She explained that learning archery taught her not to care about how she performs compared with other people, since it’s her own state of mind that allows her to make a good shot.

“Ever since I started practicing archery, my friends told me my manner and temperament have changed. I really feel myself changing inside. I reflect on myself everyday with every shot I take. It affects how I socialize with others as well,” Zhao said.

While it appears to be just a sport, in practice the skill is more like deep meditation. “Tai Chi, guqin, all these traditions share some similarities, they change a person from the inside,” she said.

The Benefits Of Archery For Women


Excelling in archery requires immense concentration, patience, and a highly developed sense of self-control. The archer is required to calm his mind and wait for the perfect moment to release his arrow. With each shot, young archers learn not to get emotional when they make a bad shot. Rather than attaching their ego to their performance, they learn to instead analyze the shot, learn from it, and prepare for the next one, without emotion. For this reason, archery is a great sport for teaching self-control, patience, and emotional intelligence.

2. Confidence

In archery, you can compete against others or against yourself. But the sport isn’t just about hitting bull’s-eyes. Shooting your bow and improving your form with practice also builds self-esteem.

3. Relaxation

“The thing that surprised me the most [about archery] was how calming and stress-relieving it was.”Actress Danika Yarosh, 16, said. Releasing an arrow, watching it fly, and hearing it strike a target can relieve stress. It makes sense. If you’re learning to focus while building strength and confidence – all while doing a fun exercise – how couldn’t it relieve stress?