Traditional Archery Supplies

China Traditional Archery Supplies

Welcome to, home of traditional archery supplies in China.
As a professional manufactuer and supplier of archery for more than 5 years, we’re proud to sell
chinese handcrafted recurve bows, horse bow, takedown bow, wood arrows, fiberglass arrows, carbon arrows and more on line. We ship our products worldwide with competitive price and good quality.

Traditional Archery Bows Supplies

We offer 1-piece and take down recurve bows for adults, youth&women, draw weight ranging from 35 lb to 60 lb.

Traditional Bows For Adults Shooting&Hunting

Draw Weight: 40~60 lb

one piece traditional recurve bow

45 lbs of draw weight will be plenty to hunt deer and will be a good weight to develop good form with.Just use heavy (400 or higher grains) arrows and you won’t have any penetration issues.

Currently we carry a large selection of 45/50 lb traditoinal hunting recurve bows, including one piece and take down type with different finishes.Please keep in mind that if your looking for cheap recurve bows to hunt with, it should have a minimum draw weight of 40 pounds. This is because weaker bows tend to have trouble piercing the thick skin of your prey, especially if shot from a distance greater than 20 yards, and particularly so if you’re hunting for bigger game like Elk for example. So if you’re going for an affordable hunting bow, make sure it’s 40 lbs or more. And don’t forget SHARP cut-on-contact broad head (G5 Montec or Rage) and good arrows.

Traditional Bows For Youth&Women

Draw weight: 35 lb

chinese horse bow

Our 35 lb recurve bow horsebow is well suited to small game, birds, and target shooting where performance is not a concern like it is for big game. Today’s arrow choices let us have good target performance from low power bows. There are a lot of archers that are not concerned with anything but having fun shooting a bow. This little horsebow is perfectly sized for the smaller framed shooter, like women, youth, and those that just can not handle heavy powerful bows.The very low brace height will help the short draw shooters get as much from it as it has to give. Surprisingly the little 50″ bow will also draw to 29″ which is longer than most of us draw.

Traditional Archery Arrows Supplies

We offer wooden, fiberglass, carbon arrows.

wooden arrows for sale

Wood is the most prolific and successful arrow material ever used by man. They’ve been in continuous use for thousands of years, keeping us fed, protecting us from enemies, and delighting us in bowhunting and target archery venues. Our staff has a great passion for tradition wood arrows, bows, and their craft skill learned from their family’s heritage. From wood selection, straightening, to fletching (gluing on feathers), tapering, mounting points, all is hand made in order to insure the quality.

The fiberglass arrows is more durable and heavier than wooden arrows,one piece fiberglass arrow including its steel broadhead is about 43 gram(about 663.5 grain). The length of fiberglass is usually 28/30/32 inches.

Carbon fiber is the most popular material for making arrows these years. It’s more durable straighter, and lighter than fiberglass/wooden arrows. one piece carbon arrow (without broadhead) is about 20.5 gram(316 grain). After equipped with sharp broadheads(usually 100~125 grain), you can easily use it in hunting.

Price Of Traditional Archery Supplies

As a successful manufacturer and supplier of traditonal archery products in China, we offer cometitive price and good quality to our clients all the time.

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