Archery Takedown Recurve bows for sale

What is a Takedown Recurve Bow?


“Take Down” means that the bow comes apart in 3 pieces: the middle grip section & the 2 limbs. It is super simple to ‘take down’ – just the twist of a couple lug screws and voila. The fact that it comes apart makes it very portable. You can stash the bow in your pack or Bug Out Bag. It’s perfect for a Bug Out Vehicle or BOL (Bug Out Location) cache. And, the weight of takedown bow is very little.The middle section is often referred to as the riser whereas the other two parts are simply the limbs of the bow.These bows are created for those who may need are simply starting out within the activity to backpack for their shopping area, and/or simply need something which is smaller sized. I’ve all been over this stunning planet hiking and driving with my takedown bow. I don’t believe that I really could have experienced a bow, or exactly the same independence easily were to obtain a one-piece bow. I actually donot have something against them, the takedown bows simply match my lifestyle greater. I usually take for target exercise, but I really could positively consider this factor easily needed too out shopping.


The takedown bow’s limbs is made of fiberglass and covered by beautiful artificial leather, riser is made of Full Elm hardwood.

Takedown bow parts

All bows come with a string. Takedown Bow will arrive in 3 main pieces with bolts and allen wrench to put together. Each package includes the following items:
* The takedown bow, including riser and limbs
* String
* bolts and allen wrench

Assembling The Takedown Recurve Bow

To assemble the Takedown bow, you just attach the limbs to the riser and then string the bow. The limbs detach and reattach easily using bolts and an Allen wrench.

Right/Left handed Takedown bow

RH bow means you draw the string with your right hand and hold the bow with your left. LH is the opposite you draw the string with your left hand and hold the bow in your right.Considering the Hand Grip difference, the takedown bows’ wood rise shape is different for R/L handed bowman.

Takedown recurve bow case

A Takedown recurve bow case is used to protect bow risers and limbs. Top Recurve Bow Cases are constructed with military grade materials for field and travel protection. You can find affordable takedown recurve bow for sale in our website.

Advantages of a takedown bow

one of the benefits of a takedown bow is the portability that it has in comparison to the one-piece traditional recurve bows.The fact that it comes apart makes it very portable. You can stash the bow in your pack or Bug Out Bag.Picture hiking into a campsite where you want to hunt with a five and a half foot unstrung recurve bow in your pack, or finding a convenient place to stow it in a float plane before going hunting in some remote wilderness setting. Our cheap take down recurve bow is very easy to transport as well as store, which again is a plus for rank beginners who haven’t yet had the chance to shoot a bow.

With a take down some models allow you to upgrade to stronger and faster limbs, when you switch the limbs of recurve bow it is possible to alter the bow’s length as well as its draw weight, so beginners might want to take this into consideration because you can simply just buy new limbs instead of investing in an entirely new bow. If you’re looking for best cheap recurve bow for sale, our shop has a large selection.

Take down bow vs. one piece

Takedown bow is more easy to carry or store however itgenerally have more mass weight comparing to one piece recurve bow. For the ease of portability and upgrades a takedown bow sacrifices efficiency when compared to one piece counterparts. One-piece bows are often lighter and more powerful. No matter you’re looking 1-piece or takedown desgin cheap recurve bow for sale, our archery store will be your #1 choice.

Price for Takedown bow-$99.99 Start!

Fiberglass Takedown recurve bow 45/50 Lbs
There are numerous various manufacturers which are available on the market at this time which have inexpensive versions on the point. While some may charge more than $300 a number of them may charge as little as $75. A middle-ground that was good may often be present in the $100-140 variety. It’s recommend choosing anything cheaper to begin, after which progress towards the more heavy prices after you have gotten a for that bend and also the specifications may can even make a distinction –this really is simply an opinion.

Now Get the most affordable take down recurve bows for sale! Everything you need in a recurve bow at an unbelievable price.This takedown bow shoots fast and is light weight. Great recurve bow for the target shooter , small game hunter or for big game in the 45/50 lbs versions . Very beautiful and clean finish recurve bows for cheap.

Is This Takedown Bow Suitable For Hunting?

If you should be seeking to hunt you wish to ensure that you follow your specific nations needs. Many locations usually need 40-45 lb draw-weight in a 28″ pull duration to ensure that the shooting to make use of it to search. As previously mentioned earlier, if you should be seeking to take target archery (and also you desire to be just like you are able to) you then will soon be better-off obtaining a bend that’s longer limbs. If this can primarily be for fun use you then are not bad choosing the bend that seems the very best.

This cheap recurve takedown bow would server pretty well for the beginning bow hunter. It is pretty well made for such an inexpensive bow, and comes in draw weights that should satisfy the legalities of bow hunting. Since it’s so inexpensive, you also won’t worry about it taking a bit of a beating in the bush. Its 50# draw weight can perfectly suit for taking down a deer or bow fishing.

Is This Takedown Bow Suitable For Beginners?

This Takedown bow is most definitely suitable for a beginner to either target archery or bow hunting, as long as an experienced archer inspects the bow first to make sure the string is centered on the bow and there aren’t any problems with limb twist.

Arrows For This Takedown Bow

To decide which arrows you should use with the recurve takedown bow, you need to think about your own personal preferences and what you want to do with the bow. For example, you’ll use much different arrows for hunting deer than you will for backyard target shooting. To help you with this, we have an excellent guide on picking out the right arrows for your needs. Click Here to read.

Is This Bow Comfortable To Hold?

This take down bows for sale isn’t the best to hold, but it isn’t the worst, either. It’s an inexpensive takedown bow, so it isn’t made to be the lightest in the lineup of takedown recurves. That being said,you can enjoy several hours of target shooting without too much fatigue with this takedown recurve bow.

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