35lbs Black Wuyi recurve bow horsebow for beginners

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Product Description

Recurve bow horebow 35lb

Bow type: Horsebow Recurve bow
Bow length: 128cm(50inch)
String length:122cm (48inch)
Draw weight:35lbs @ 28 inch
Draw length:up to 29.5 inch
Bow material: Wood grip and tips+Fiberglass limbs covered by Faux leather
Package: 1*bow+1*string

35lbs chinese mounted archery bow

This horsebow is well made from fine materials.Covered by beautiful leather, this bow has good performance,low hand shock with good speed. The limbs are made of fiberglass and covered by leather .The riser is made of hardwood and wrapped by black cowhide.Even though the bow is thin it wont effect the performance of it .

The horsebow is well suited to small game, birds, and target shooting where performance is not a concern like it is for big game. Today’s arrow choices let us have good target performance from low power bows. There are a lot of archers that are not concerned with anything but having fun shooting a bow. This little bow is perfectly sized for the smaller framed shooter, like women, youth, and those that just can not handle heavy powerful bows.The very low brace height will help the short draw shooters get as much from it as it has to give. Surprisingly the little 50″ bow will also draw to 29″ which is longer than most of us draw.

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