takedown survival bow

Takedown survival bow 30~50 Lb

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Product Description

Get the most affordable takedown survival bow for your buck! Everything you need in a recurve bow at an unbelievable price.This takedown bow shoots fast and is light weight. Great recurve bow for the target shooter , small game hunter or for big game in the 30-50 lbs versions . Very beautiful and clean finish.

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This smooth-drawing, 53″ takedown bow combines high-quality value and performance.Riser is made of Elm hard woods. Limbs consist of fiberglass and artifical leather. It allows for great comfort, stability and more precise shooting with excellent arrow speed.


Three piece take-down design, Right-Handed bow(bow in your left hand, and string in your right hand)
Material:Elm/Locust wood riser+Fiberglass Limb covered by artifical leather
Bow length: 132cm(52″); Draw Length:up to 29.5″; Bow Weight: 1.98 Lb (0.9kg)
Draw Weight: 30/40/45/50 lb@ 28 inch; Brace height:14~19cm (5.5~7.5 inches)

Package Contents

All bows come with a string. Takedown Bow will arrive in 3 main pieces with bolts and allen wrench to put together. Each package includes the following items:
* The takedown bow, including riser and limbs
* String
* bolts and allen wrench

Dispatch and Shipping

Dispatch: within 48 hours after payment cleared
Shipping: 3~4 weeks delivery


Additional Information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 75 x 30 x 10 cm