wooden arrows

12pcs Green nocked wooden arrows


Green nocked wooden arrows

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Product Description

Arrows body length: 28 inch|30 inch|32 inch
Suggested Draw Weight: 35 to 75lbs
Weight:493 grain(32g,without broadheads)
DIAMETER: 11/32”
Nock: Self nocked
Fletching: 5inches Turkey feathers
Target points :125 Grain
Arrows Material: Ramin wood

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These Archery Wooden Arrows are offered in quantities of one dozen (12pcs), and offer up a stunning appearance that looks perfect in the hands of a long bowman.Arrow is made from hardy and strong ramin wood which has long been known as the good wood for arrows on the planet, featuring Green H shaped nocks and arrows with stylish bullet shaped 125 grain arrowheads. Three turkey feather 5″ vanes(green color) makes this arrow’s fletching.


Dispatch within 72 hours after money cleared


3~4 weeks delivery by ePacket;
(Accurate delivery time would vary due to the different distance to various countries)

Warning: Wooden arrows are only for Longbow, Recurve bow or other traditional bows, NEVER shoot wood arrows with a compound bow.

Additional Information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 85 x 15 x 5 cm


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