12x Elite Cedar Wood Arrows 31 Inch Length


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Product Description

We start with the very best hand selected Cedar Wood Shafting.
Grain weighed to +/- 15 grain. Each shaft is hand-picked for the finest quality of straightness and grain configuration available.
Tow wide bands has been put highlighted, one in the middle of the feathers, one on the end of the feathers. Three natural turkey feathers for the fletching.
Clear lacquer finish. Crested with premium highlights.

cedar wood arrows

Quantity: 12 pcs/pack
Spine: 450/ 500/ 550/ 600/ 650
Shaft Diameter: 11/32 Inch
Length: 31 Inch
Weight: 478 grain ( 31 gram )
Grain weighed to +/- 15 grain
Spine and weight has been marked on each arrow’s shaft.

cedar arrows chart

The chart below is a guide to selecting the correct spine arrow.

Recurve bows – Use the left column. Select actual holding weight while at full draw, and cross-reference your arrow length to determine arrow spine. e.g. 36-40# weight at 28″ arrow length = 600 spine arrows.

Please note that the chart above is a guide only and experimentation during tuning may require spine adjustment to find optimal performance.

Unlike aluminum, fiberglass or carbon glass shafts, the spine weight of Cedar Arrows is virtually natural and cannot be “manufactured”. The spine weight is solely determined by the diameter of the shaft and the density of the Cedar wood. Top grade Cedar Wood Arrows have small diameters and high spine weights. But since the advent of the compound bow, the larger diameter and high spine weight wood arrow shafts have been of high demand. These wood arrow shafts not only give bowhunters the necessary spine weight, but they also provide acceptable mass weight which is so important for penetration power.


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Dimensions 85 x 15 x 5 cm


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