red rage

6pcs Red color two blade broadheads 2 blades


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Product Description

Length: 6.0 cm
Cutting diameter:2”
Weight:6g/100 grain
Material: stainless steel
red rage broadheads 2 blade
Rear-deploying two blade SlipCam broad heads are guaranteed to deploy upon entry, giving you the full benefit of the head’s cutting diameter. In flight, two blade broadheads are streamlined with a 3/4″ in-flight diameter. Upon impact, the SlipCam system initiates and the blades slide back, deploying from the rear. High-speed footage shows that two blade broad heads are fully deployed, even hyper-extended at impact. Traditional over-the-top expendables, on the other hand, deploy as they enter, resulting in a much smaller entry hole. The blades on a two blade cut a wide swath for maximum tissue damage.

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Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 30 x 20 x 3 cm


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