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Best Bows For Beginners


Actually there’s Not Any such thing as “best” in general, but there probably is a “best” for you personally. I know that’s a lame response, but you are looking at differences largely in aesthetics and style when you take a look at the offerings made by the premier bowyers. There are lots of comparatively inexpensive generation bows that fire just together with the very top of the line customs.

Best recurve bow for the money

Best Bows For Beginners Archery

People constantly want to discover the top recurve bow with the least expensive cost.. However, the top of the line bows are often equipped with the latest advances in technology and those advances cost a lot (most directly in the form of patent royalties) resulting in higher bow prices. In the archery industry, unlike many other industries, a high retail price from a trusted manufacturer is indicative of very high quality and performance.

As a pro manufacturer of traditional archery products in China, our bows has become more popular since the quality and price conquered our client’s heart over these years. Our 5 star mongolian bow is our best seller.The real Snakeskin Leather cover is its major features and they have string rests at each end of the bow where the string sits allowing for that extra power to come through by not allowing the string to move around after an arrow has been released.
The ancient Mongols developed this style with its distinctive bridge on which the string rests. The string gets a little extra “pop” when it snaps against the bridge, translating into higher arrow velocity and power.



Customer Review for our beginner archery bow


“My initial shooting impressions are also very favorable. The only thing I did before shooting was wax the bowstring. The draw is smooth, and the pull weight feels constant throughout the draw, without feeling like it’s stacking at my draw length, about 26″ to 27″. It feels lighter than my 50# longbow but part of this is due to the presence of the siyahs, which act as levers to give the archer some mechanical advantage. It almost feels like there’s a slight letoff when the siyahs reach a certain point in their arc.

As shown in the accompanying pictures, there is no arrow rest so you must shoot off the knuckle. I find doing so without a glove is painful, so I use a leather shooting glove which covers my right thumb and index finger (I shoot left handed). To protect the fingers on my left hand I use a leather shooting glove rather than a tab. Originally, these bows were shot with a thumb release using a horn or metal thumb ring. That is a skill I haven’t even begun yet to master, however.

I shot the bow 48 times tonight using the same Port Orford Cedar arrows I shoot in my longbow. They have three 5″ helical fletches and are tipped with 125 grain bodkin points. (‘Cause you never know when you’ll need to take down a marauding armored knight.)

The bow does have some hand shock and vibration but it’s really not too bad. It’s a bit noisier than the Toth horsebow but that’s not unexpected, since it has string bridges. I’m planning to add string silencers which should reduce both the noise and hand shock.

I was impressed with the speed of the bow. Since I don’t have a chronograph I can’t say just how fast it shoots, but it’s much faster than the lighter Toth bow and on par with the Samick. The arrows zip downrange and make a satisfying “thump” on impact. For a good archer this bow should have plenty of power to bring down a whitetail.”

Good recurve bow for beginners


Good recurve bow for beginners
Beside this Snakeskin Mongolian bow, we also have a type of  Takedown Recurve bow. Takedown recurve bows are just what their name states –Recurve bows that can be taken down to pieces (normally 3 pieces).Whereas the other two components are simply the limbs of the bow, the central section is often known as the riser. These pieces are only screwed by one together as well as the bow is prepared to be strung. Takedown bows are very popular with hunters, particularly those that do not reside near hunting grounds, as they offer great portability. Beside normal shooting purpose, our takedown recurve bow also left holes on the riser for bow fishing. After the boring working days, why not take this takedown bow to fish with friends?

Purchasing beginner archery set


One of stuff to be wary about when deciding to purchase a bow is the idea that you can and should only obtain a bow from a local pro-shop. This is a myth created by marketers and advertisers. Pro-shops don’t offer professional grade bows in contrast to online stores who can only sell regular grade bows. From the exact same producers, pro-shops and internet stores sell sister brands and bow lines in fact. Basically, manufacturers sell the same variants to both pro-shops and other entities, the single difference is that they advertise them under distinct brands and call them different names. So when you are looking for a takedown recurve bow, don’t feel compelled to drive to a local pro-shop to get a bow that is better, you can purchase the same quality online.