Portable take down bow for sale

Portability-The advantage of Take down bow

“Take Down” means that the bow comes apart in 3 pieces: the middle grip section & the 2 limbs. It is super simple to ‘take down’ – just the twist of a couple lug screws and voila. The fact that it comes apart makes it very portable. You can stash the bow in your pack or Bug Out Bag. Take down bow is very easy to transport as well as store, which again is a plus for rank beginners who haven’t yet had the chance to shoot a bow. It will allow beginners to learn the basic construction of their equipment as they assemble it, and will also make owning the bow less of a commitment (as you can simply remove the limbs from the riser and stash it under your bed or in a closet for as long as you like). And, it weighs very little. The takedown bow weighs only about 1.5kg.

take down bow

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Features of our Take down bow

*Full hard wood riser, not wood laminated type

*40/45/50lbs draw weight for your selection

*Fiberglass limbs covered by beautiful leather

take down recurve bow (6)
take down recurve bow (2)


Take down bow for sale

We have 3 standard take down bow for sale according to different draw weight,i.e, 40/45/50lbs. I must say, the 45 pound version is an absolutely amazing piece of equipment for hunters. It’s so strong and durable, and you can actually feel the transfer of energy from the string to the arrow take place. It’s the greatest feeling really, way better than gun recoil.The Take down bow from us is the one that will get you in the game without breaking the bank. Everything you need in a bow at an unbelievable price.This is probably the most affordable quality recurve bow on the market. Our 40lbs standard is our most popular bow among people on a budget, who have never shot a traditional bow before but would like to give it a go while spending as little money as possible.

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