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mogolian horse bow on sale
The Mongolian bow, is manufactured in the area where mongolian lives. The mongolian lives mainly in Russia, Mongolia, Inner-Mongolia of China, Qinghai, Liaolin, Xinjiang Province of China. In nowadays, the craft skills of making Mongolian bow can be found in Mongolia and China.Based on the ancient cliff painting, we can know that mongolian has used bow as weapon in 20,000 years ago.


Mongolian horse bow


The Mongolian horse bow has got its peak during the times of Genghis Khan(in mongolian language, this means the one who owns the sea and land), who conquered Russia,Middle Aisa, East Europe. Bow plays an important role in mongolian’s production and life. The mongolian treat the bow as their heart and will to sacrifice their life to protect their own bows.

Based on history records, it states that the most important thing in one mongolian’s man life is learning how to making bows and shooting.They will learn archery since their childhood, i.e, 2 or 3 year’s old.
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Mongolian recurve bow


The main material of making a Mongolian recurve bow is 60cm cornu bubali or rock claw, beef tendon, Yi wood, bamboo..etc. There’s about 100 production process for making a Mongolian bow, all is hand-made. The selection of material do not have a specfic data, all is based on experience. The Mongolian bow’s Kill Range can reach 200 meters. The Mongolian bow show its might in 1241, the mighty Mongol army launched an invasion into Europe. While the main force headed for a showdown in Hungary a smaller army was sent into Poland as a diversion. A large Polish and Germany army, led by Henry the Pious of Silesia, marched off to link up with King Wenceslas of Bohemia’s army. The Mongols confronted them as they passed the town of Liegnitz. Although outnumbered, the Mongols fought brilliantly and inflicted a devastating defeat on their opponents by way of “Run and Shoot” strategy. Since the Kinght in Europe is equipped with heavy, their speed is much slower than mongolian archer, after confronting mongolian army, they became a cumbersome target.

In Naadam festivals day, shooting is the most popular game. The player will take their best bows to attend the game. The rule is shooting 9 arrows during 3 rounds( in each round, 3 arrows allowed to shoot ). Who got the most numbers of targeted arrows who wins the game.


Mongolian bow and arrow set


When we’re referring to Mongolian bow and arrows set, the initial ideas go the their military use, although hunting and target practice definitely were actions that are more notable. Every day had not been filled with war, but the training of numerous abilities as well as hunting were part of the day-to-day routine. But, we are going to focus on the military aspect.

In the military, two bows were carried by each soldier on horseback. To mention but a handful of those, there were armour-piercing arrows having a specially hefty arrowhead of tempered steel, there were incendiary arrows for whistling arrows for signing and spreading panic in the enemy positions, in addition to placing buildings. Needless to say, many arrows they carried were common arrows where length and the arrowhead of the shaft were corrected to the standard range at which the specific kind arrow was to be properly used. It merits mention once more that the most powerful & most brave females that are Mongolian rode as well as the guys and fought. In addition, the girls who didn’t normally be involved in military action still needed to find out the best way to wield the bow, a crucial ability for self-defence hunting in addition to.


Mongolian bow construction


The backbone of the bow is a wooden frame, that may usually be birch, because that wood can also be easily accessible and is resilient. When the bow is unstrung, it resembles a semi-circle with a curvaceous shape that is beautifully, but when a string is attached the whole thing is stretched out so that its limbs are bent inward. Nonetheless, these limbs with cord fasteners are bent slightly from the archer, forming a double curve. The exact arrangement of wood, bone and sinew elements varied from region to region. The bone elements really are a minor element of the building and have been ornaments or talismans. The standard procedure applied in the creation of a normal Mongolian bow is as follows:Main frame – birch or bamboo tree;Front layer – horn/ bone;Back layer – tendon;String – Synthetic string.


Mongolian bow thumb ring


A European archer normally pulled their string with their forefinger(s). A Mongol archer pulled the string with their thumb, using the thumb ring. There are two common types of ring: one is a basic cylinder of stone or bone; the other is a ring having a rigid tab which fits within the pad of the archer’s thumb. The former can occasionally be within Chinese crafts and antique shops. The latter may be made readily by creating a copper ring to fit loosely over your thumb, then fitting a piece of shoe leather across the inside so that it fits snugly when worn, and also a thick leather tab extends out from the interior of the ring to cover the pad of your thumb.


Mongolian bow draw and release

mongolian draw release
A thumg ring is necessary for a Mongolian bow draw.Drawing with one finger and not three makes a natural choice to accommodate the sharp angle of the drawn string. A thumb ring is used to protect the thumb from injury. It may also avoid a problem occasionally faced by archers using the Mediterranean release, when the three fingers do not release at exactly the same time and thus foul the draw. For more technical details, you can Click Here to find.


Mongolian bow VS English Longbow


The long bow is an infantry weapon, the Mongol bow is for cavalry.
Mongolian bow is a kind of compostive recurve bow, they are composed of a number of different materials, including a wooden center, with horn on the abdomen (facing the archer) and sinew on the back (away in the archer), all held together with animal glue. Long bow was a self bow made from wood, and wood that is preferred was Yew or ash. The bows actually are “longbows” being usually 6-7 feet.Mongolian bow is significantly shorter than the usual English long bow and various materials are used to be able to make the most of the properties of each stuff. Where a conventional longbow is created from one natural piece of wood. Also as a mongolian bow belongs to recurve bow, it stores energy in curves at the end of the arms of the bow. Click Here to find the more detailed difference between Mongolian composite bow and English Long bow.


Mongolian Archery Naadam


Naadam was created within Mongol Empire’s early amount. While Genghis Khan was chosen whilst the Mongol Khan, guard to be able to evaluate his soldiers and deliver the grassland, he kept a large celebration between September and May every year. He prayed for that camaraderie and crop collected leaders from various tribes and kept the Naadam.

Naadam Festival including three macho activities: wrestling, archery and horseracing is a fantastic time for you to go through the tradition along with major vacation and individuals of the incredible land.The opening service functions audio and marches from monks troopers before the actual enjoyment starts! Within the Naadam Stadium, the function draws hundreds individuals each year, including women wrestlers and kids in nearby.