Mongolian archery naadam

“The Naadam fair” is the Mongolian People’s traditional festival, it is held between July and August each year of Inner Mongolia. It lasts seven days generally

Naadam was invented in the early period of Mongol Empire. When Genghis Khan was elected as the Mongol Khan, in order to review his troops, protect and distribute the grassland, he held a big party between July and August each year. He gathered leaders from different tribes, prayed for the friendship and harvest and held the Naadam.

Naadam Festival which include three manly sports: wrestling, horse racing and archery is Mongolian major holiday and a wonderful time to experience the culture and people of this amazing land.The opening ceremony features marches and music from soldiers, monks and athletes before the real fun begins! In the Naadam Stadium, The event attracts thousands people every year, including children and women wrestlers in local.
mongolian archery naadam

Horse racing, archery, wrestling have been popular on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia since a long time ago which are also the major events in the Naadam Fair every year. All the tribes in the neighborhood participate in the competitions.

During the long time of hunting, Mongolian people kept the ability of bowing and archery. Mongolian archery competition included short-range-archery, long-range-archery,riding-archery. It is the combination of strength and collimation.People of all age can attend the competition but they have to bring their own horses, bows and arrows in any style and length.

mongolian archery technique

Since the rising of the Mongol Empire, Mongolian bow and archery became a major role in the history of world’s war history. Unlike English long bow, mongolian bow is much shorter and fit for horse back. The long draw length ensure the more power when shooting on horse.

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