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China Longbowmaker Introduction


As the China No.1 Traditional Archery Manufacturer, we’re proud to sell traditional bows, arrows, quivers and other traditional archery products since 2007. Our main products is Manchu/Mongolian/Chinese Traditional Style Bows Replica, e.g longbow, horsebow. Unlike time comsuing traditonal archery bows making process, we combine modern technology and mass production together to lower the cost of each bow to us dollar 100 standard to make sure everyone who want to learn archery can afford.In the other way, it’s unfair to compare our beginner standard fiberglass bow performance to a much expensive wood laminated bow like Toth or Samick which always sell at $300.


Our Bows Features


The Major feature of our bow is Real Snakeskin and Siyah-points( wood bridge for string rest ), Snakeskin is an important decoration on traditional mongolian bows, and the Siyah-points can help our bow to reach long draw length, which can help the bowman to shoot more power, it’s very useful especiall considering the short lengt the bow. The max draw length of our bow is 34 inches.
Red snakeskin hunting recurve bow


String tips–Longbowmaker


Safely stringing the bow requires either the use of a stringer. If you do not have a stringer at hand, never mind, here we prepare a youtube video to show you how to easily string our bow by yoursefl.

kindly notice that, do not string an old&wooden bow with this method because the limbs would be easily get cracked and hurt your body.


Shooting Notice–Longbowmaker


As shown in the accompanying pictures, there is no arrow rest so you must shoot off the knuckle. Shooting without a glove is painful, so it’s better to use a leather shooting glove which covers the right thumb and index finger.Originally, it’s better to use mongolian draw to shoot our bows with a thumb release using a horn or metal thumb ring.


Clients Reviews on Youtube


We all know that it’s important for you to see what others say about our product before purchase. Here’s some videos we found from, we even don’t know that our products have become so popular now. 🙂


Price–China longbowmaker


Our price for bows start from $99.99 only, you can click here to visit our shop to find them.

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