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A right-handed person generally shoots a right-hand bow. A left-handed person generally shoots a left-handed bow. That’s simple enough, but if you’ve never shot a bow before, you could easily misunderstand how recurve bows are oriented for right and left hand. If you’re looking for a pro left handed recurve bows for sale, our larget selection should be on your list.

A right-hand recurve bow is actually held in the LEFT hand and drawn back with the right hand. Conversely, a left-hand recurve bow is held in the RIGHT hand and drawn back with the left hand. You choose the orientation of the bow based on the hand that draws the bow – not the hand that grips the bow.
left handed bow
Hand and eye coordination is the key ability for most activities and the same applies to archery. In using bows, there are coordination classifications one must determine. When one is right handed, they should not use a left hand bow as this will result in a clumsy and uncoordinated shot.

A large portion of the population is comprised of right handed people; thus the reason for manufacturers to produce items, which are conveniently used by the right handed population – though the same items can be troublesome to the lefty population. The small demographic of the left handed population also has products designed for their advantage and the same goes with archery bows.

Identifying a left handed bow from a right hand hunting bow is fairly simple. The dominant hand is not actually what determines the bow of choice but the dominant eye, as this plays a vital role in influencing an archer’s accuracy and overall handling.

Though at first glance, both the right handed bow and the left handed hunting bows look similar, there are some small differences, which determine the actual purpose of the bow. The left hand hunting bow is held by the right hand while the left hand draws the string and the left eye is at focus; the central riser’s arrow rest is also found at the left portion of the bow. On the other hand, the right hand hunting bow is held by the archer’s left hand while the right eye focuses and the right hand draws the string; the arrow rest is also instantly found at the right hand side of the riser.

Apart from these, there are no other noticeable traits of the hunting bows to determine if it is a right hand or a left hand bow. Innovations have been made to meet the archer’s needs in order for them to be able to have a good and consistent shot. There are even bows, which have been developed to be interchangeable to be able to be used by both a right-handed and a lefty.

There is also what is called people with cross dominant eyes. These are people who can interchangeably focus their eyes without compromising the quality of their aim and accuracy. For these people, the bow of choice will no longer rely on their hand or eye dominance, as they have the capacity to do both; for them, the bow of choice will be determined by how comfortable the bow is, as well as the factor of which hand can grip better.

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