LARP Bow and Arrows For Combat Archery

What is LARP Combat Archery?


LARP(Live Action Role Play) Archery is the newest trend in survival-style combat archery which combines elements from paintball, dodgeball, and traditional archery. Relive your favorite Hollywood moments in the real world with safety patented foam-tipped arrows and recurve bows! LARP Archery can be enjoyed by everyone over the age of 10 and is a fun interactive sport that promotes a healthy active lifestyle. Come feel the adrenaline as you shoot your friends, family, and co-workers with a bow!




LARP bow

For the LARP Archer, we are pleased to offer our LARP bows, these bows are made of durable fiberglass limbs and covered by stylish faux leather. The draw weight rang from 25 to 35 lb, satisfy a whole family’s Archery Tag Stly Combat Game needs. Our LARP bows are perfect for shooting both LARP arrows and regular arrows, and are perfectly safe when used responsibly with LARP arrows. And the best part is that there is little to no maintenance when it comes to a fiberglass LARP bow, which means you can take one up and enjoy it time and time again.


LARP Safety Arrows (foam tipped arrows)


These Safe arrows have a flat, foam tip making them safe for use in LARP. These arrows can be used on bows with maximum draw weight and draw length of 35 pounds at a 28 inch draw. These fiberglass/carbon shafts are durable and flexible.

LARP arrows

LARP arrows

Key Features:
*A great affordable price
*Carbon Shaft
*Use with 35 pound, 28 inch draw bows and under
*A thick, safe foam tip
*Made from durable closed celled foam that does not shred


LARP Modular Foam Arrowheads


foam arrowheads

foam arrowheads

Our LARP arrowhead would be safe, shoot far but be modular so when you break or bend a shaft (and you will), you can simply toss the arrowhead on another shaft and keep on going!These heads can save a bunch of money on shafts alone. They take aluminum or carbon (standard arrowhead thread design) and while they cost about the same as a head with a shaft, they pay for themselves when you have to get more shafts and only need to pay a few bucks instead of full price for new larp arrows all the time. Slip these modular heads onto your UN-TIPPED arrow or crossbow shafts and screw them into your shaft, like broadheads or butterflys or blunt-tips.


LARP Archery Tag Style Combat Game Play Safety


*ALWAYS inspect arrows prior to shooting to ensure that there is no breakage or loose.You can perform this simple test by twisting on the blunt (the plastic part) while pulling on the arrow shaft. The blunt should not come loose. After checking your arrows, if you find you have any that fail, you can re-glue them yourself using a plumbing cement for ABS that is available at most home improvement centers. If you opt to glue the arrows yourself, take a cotton swab, dip it in the plumbing cement, apply a liberal amount of glue to the blunt hole, place the shaft in the hole, and twist the shaft to ensure that the glue spreads evenly. Full adhesion may take up to an hour, so allow ample drying time prior to retesting the arrow.

*ALWAYS make sure blunts (twist to test) and foam tips are securely attached.

*NEVER run with an arrow.

*NEVER shoot arrows at point-blank range or hard objects.

*ALWAYS wear masks and personal protection.Remind players not to remove the masks when they are tagged until they are safely off, and at a safe distance from, the field.

*Always maintain a 15 to 20 foot safety zone between opposing teams. Be sure that players understand that they are not to stay behind the safety zone to shoot (no capture-the-flag type of play).

*Maximum draw weight: 35lbs.


LARP Archery Equipment Care And Safety


While your new LARP bows are built to last under rough play conditions, they do require care and maintenance. It is up to you to properly maintain and care for your equipment.

Below are a few simple maintenance suggestions to help you get the most mileage out of your archery equipment:

Wax your bow string. If your bow string starts to become frayed or fuzzy, chances are it needs to be waxed. Purchase bow string wax at your local archery store. The bow string is a continuous loop and should not require adjustments.

Tighten the limbs of your bows gently. DO NOT over tighten your limb bolts.

Never dry fire the bows. Firing a bow without an arrow causes the limbs to absorb the shock your arrow was designed to take and can damage your limbs. Be sure to instruct you Archery Tag® players never to dry fire the bow.

Avoid extreme temperatures and humidity. Store your bows in a cool, dry place. Avoid extreme temperatures (especially heat and humidity) such as storing your bows in a car on summer days.

Inspect your equipment after every game. Continued rough game play may result in premature wear and tear. Check bows, masks, and arrows for cracks. Inspect limbs for stress and fracture marks. Inspect arrows for broken, loose, or cracked blunts and adjust foam tip if necessary.

Clean your equipment often. Bows can be cleaned with any dish soap and water. NEVER use chemicals, alcohol wipes or solvents to clean your bows or masks. Read mask instructions for cleaning tips.

Use the provided bow stringer to unstring your bows when not in use.

Do not stand/lean bows against walls between game play.

Standing or leaning the bow can cause the limbs to warp. Instruct players to hold bows by riser (never by the string) or lay flat when not in play.


LARP Archery Practice Tips


Safety training all archers must have safety training and clearance from the ref team before game, if unsafe conduct is noticed retraining or suspension of archery privileges may be required at the discretion of the senior ref.

Unsafe locations head and groin shots are illegal and are never counted for damage.

Draw with bows full draw is restricted to persons at least 5 meters away with round headed arrows and 3 meters with flat headed arrows. At shorter ranges use a partial draw. Point blank shots of under 1 meter are not permitted.

Arrow bounce arrows shot on hard surfaces may cartwheel or rebound, be cautious to avoid firing at full draw against shields, armor, trees or other hard surfaces and be aware of where an arrow is likely to bounce.

Check arrows before firing every time – broken fiberglass arrows may cause painful splintering if fired, LARP archers may not carry unsafe arrows, any broken arrow shall be placed in crew kit until end of game.
Interactions with archers

Don’t parry arrows – LARP arrows and bolts are only safe on one end. If you try to parry an arrow with a weapon, it will begin to spin in the air and will almost certainly hurt the person behind you, even if it doesn’t hurt you. One end is padded and safe; the other end consists of thin, hard wood and plastic.

Don’t hit bows – The archer you’re charging can’t hit you with their bow, and isn’t allowed to parry you with it; please don’t hit their bow, as it is impolite, dangerous and potentially very expensive to replace. This applies equally to crossbows.

Don’t tread on arrows – They’re expensive, they break, and once broken they can be a hazard. Don’t tread on arrows, and wherever possible pick them up and put them to one side so that no-one else will, to be returned to the archer at the end of the encounter. This applies equally to crossbow bolts.

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