Hungarian recurve bows for sale

Looking for an authentic handmade recurve bows for sale ? The Junze® Archery 20-110 LB Hungarian recurve bow is a handmade bow. This multifunctional bow can be used for a various hunting skills. Let’s take a closer look at the longbow.
Longbowmaker Hungarian Recurve Longbow Review

  • Draw weight of 30-80lbs
  • The recurve bow is made out of wood, cow leather, glass steel, beech
  • Its draw length is 28 inches with a safety draw length of 33 inches
  • 145cm in body length with 131cm in string.
  • Extremely light weight
  • Uses longbow arrows


Great for beginners
The great thing about the Recurve bows is that if you’re looking to develop your skill as a shooter, you are not given any assistance through its features. This is a traditional bow where you’ll be using wood arrows and learning the true essentials of crossbow hunting and target shooting. So, if you’re looking for a crossbow that will develop your foundation as a shooter, this is a great bow for that.

This may not be a crucial pro, but it’s always a nice feature to have a hand-crafted bow. By it being handmade, you can ensure a high-quality crossbow. In addition, each bow purchased is tested prior to shipment, double checking the product before it reaches the customers hands. That, to me, is quality and consideration for their craft and the hunter.

What can I say, it’s a great thing not having to break the bank to enjoy hunting or target shooting. For under $150, you can have a beautifully hand-crafted bow. Especially if you’re a beginner, having it at an affordable price will put you at some financial ease.


Cheap bowstring
Though the longbow itself is very durable and high-quality, the free bowstring that comes with it is not as durable as expected. You will need to invest in a higher quality bowstring for your traditional recurve bow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Longbowmaker Hungarian Recurve Longbow Review
Does the Hungarian recurve bow come with arrows?
No, the bow doesn’t come with arrows. You will have to buy the arrows separately.

What accessories does the recurve bow come with?
This longbow comes with a soft storage bag and bowstring.

What size of arrows should I buy for this bow?
The average draw is 28”, so any 32” arrows will work for this bow if you have an average arm length.

What is the best type of arrow to use for this bow?
You can use wood or bamboo arrows – it’s based on preference.

Does this bow work for left-handed users?
Yes, this bow is ambidextrous, so it is suitable for both left and right handed archers.


Longbowmaker Hungarian Recurve Longbow Review
This recurve bow is truly a classic piece. The fact that it is a handmade longbow is a rare find, as many crossbows today are factory made. The handmade recurve bow is extremely light weight, sturdy and beautifully designed. This longbow will really help you in developing your skills as a hunter by increasing your accuracy, power and speed. A great beginner bow or if you’re looking for more of a challenge as a hunter, this is also very suitable for you. You will need to buy a new bowstring for this Hungarian recurve bow, however, if you can handle that then this longbow will not let you down on the open terrain.

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