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longbow carbon target arrows

Three types arrows for sale

As a professional workshop of traditional longbow and arrows in China, we hand made products by ourselves except broadheads and carbon shaft because we want to focus on what we’re good at and maintain our quality consistently. We have 3 types arrows for sale, i.e, Wooden arrows, Fiberglass arrows and Carbon arrows.

Fiberglass arrows for sale

FRP fiberglass arrows for longbow

The fiberglass arrows is more durable and heavier than wooden arrows,one piece fiberglass arrow including its steel broadhead is about 43 gram(about 663.5 grain). The length of fiberglass is usually 32”.

Wooden arrows for sale

wooden arrows for sale

Wooden is the traditional material for making arrows. The length of wooden arrows can be customized. Length suggestion: 28”, 30”, 32”. All of our wooden arrows’ length can be customized.(max length: 32”), pls tell us your preference before you buy. Wooden arrows has excellent flight, and great for beginners or users with lower bow draw weights, total weight(without broadheads) is 32 g(493 grain).

Carbon arrows for sale

longbow carbon target arrows

Carbon fiber is the most popular material for making arrows these years. It’s more durable straighter, and lighter than fiberglass/wooden arrows. one piece carbon arrow (without broadhead) is about 20.5 gram(316 grain). After equipped with sharp broadheads(usually 100~125 grain), you can easily use it in hunting.

The Secrets Behind Cheap Price

If you check a while, you will find that nearly 90% arrows for sale on the market is expensive than ours. Why? Because nearly 90% seller on the market is dealer, importor, and middlemen. They do not make the arrows, bows by themselves.  We offer cheap price not because of cheap quality, but because unnecessary costs have been cut, like Importing Fee, Custom Fee, Middlemen’s profit..etc. The arrows for sale in our shop are Factory Direct Sale, that’s the secret we keep cheap price consistantly.

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Draw Weight: Match arrows with bow draw weight. A comfortable draw weight should require 75% or less of the user’s maximum strength. Generally users 100-130 lb use a 25-35 lb draw weight, while users 130-160 lb use a 30-40 lb draw weight.

Arrow Length:The arrow length should be about 1″ longer than the distance from the user’s chest to fingertips (arms extended and palms together). Middle School: 24″-26″L High School: 28″-30″L And kindly note that with different vanes,broadheads, nocks, the weight of arrow will be different.

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