The most cost-effective recurve bows for sale on the market

Recurve bows have thousands years of manufacturing in China and are designed to make the arrow move faster and become more powerful. In today’s modern lift, the traditional recurve bow has become a more and more popular sporting product in China.Archery requires a high level of skill, focus and concentration, but at the first stage, those who are serious about archery thus need to have the proper equipment in order to learn this sport.

There’s some types of recurve bows for sale on the market in China, like Wood Laminated bow, fiberglass bow, take down bow, but which one is the most cost-effective bow?

Wood Laminated bow

wood laminated bow

laminated bow

A Laminated Bow is constructed using a variety of modern materials (usually wood or fibreglass) which have been laminated together. thewood serving as a neutral core or spacer between two laminations of Fiberglas.Actually it is the Fiberglas that does the work of the bow, carrying 88 percent of the load while the wood core carries only 12 percent. As you increase the spacing between the two Fiberglas laminations by using a thicker core, you automatically increase the strength of the bow by the square. Thus, if you double the thickness of the core, you increase the weight of the bow four times. Since the thickness of the laminations is measured in thousandths of an jnch, it is easy to see how just a few thousandths of an inch more thickness in the core can make a bow too heavy for your use.A wood laminated bow for sale need many procedure and cost a lot of hard work, that’s why it’s usually very expensive on the market.

Take down bow

A takedown bow usually consisit of 3 parts i.e 2 limbs and the handle, offering the shooter the ability to be taken down.These bows are made for people who might need to backpack to their hunting location, are just getting started in the sport, and/or just want something that is more compact. I have been all over this beautiful earth backpacking and riding with my takedown bow. I do not think that I could have had the same freedom if I were to get a one piece bow, or a compound bow. I don’t have anything against them, the takedown bows just suit my lifestyle better. I typically shoot for target practice, but I could definitely take this thing out hunting if I wanted too.

1-Piece Fiberglass bow ( covered by leather )

It maybe the cheapest  that I can find from all the recurve bows for sale on the market. Due to the usage of cheap and durable fiberglass material, a fiberglass bow has become cost-saving and weather-proof. I found these bows’ limbs are usually covered by beautiful leather, like snakeskin or cowhide, which makes these bows looks gorgeous. I bought one from the market at around 120 bucks, but every friend of mine would think it cost me 300 dollar. However, these fiberglass bow’s shooting performance can not compare with wood laminated bow. But when considering its price, it’s a very good bow for archery beginner or archery amateur who only need to shoot arrows at backyards from time to time.

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