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Brief Instruction of China Recurve Bow:

China Recurve bow and Arrows

China Recurve bow and Arrows

This China Recurve hunting bow and arrow handmade recurve horsebow is a state of-the-art product equipped with innovations in the field of sciences and technology. It is a top of the line product offering superb effective performance, superior quality and durability. The bow is specifically designed for hunting and is excellent for target shooting and it is 100 percent handmade with a unique style. The red cobra snakeskin cover adds beauty to the design and style and makes it a collectible item.

The bow is light and smooth and is made of fiberglass, the limbs are also in fiberglass and the handle is made of wood. The bow is a quality product and when strung the look is worth the cost. The Buffalo hunting recurve bow as a draw length between 29.5” and 31.5” and the draw weight ranges from 30 to 60Ibs. The bow has high quality limbs and riser and fit for different types of arrows. The grip provides the maximum comfort level and great accuracy. It is a fine hunting weapon.

Clients Review on China Recurve Bows:

“As for the bow itself, it’s quite impressive. No deformities to be found.

I’ve shot about three arrows through it, without issue. There’s some handshock, but it’s entirely manageable. Mine is 55#, and it sends em flying hard. I think the twine and leather is a nice touch, whether the leather is real or not. You can always go to your local craft store and do your own custom work. For $130, I could not ask for more.

As for stringing it…. Well, do your own independent research. The step-through method works if you do it right and don’t torque the bow. It takes effort, but you can do it. My own research says that bow stringers won’t work for these. My own experience says that it will. I was able to successfully string and unstring mine twice today using a Shooting Star Universal (longbow and recurve) bow stringer. Your mileage may vary on this.”

“The bow is beautiful, sturdy, and a pleasure to shoot. It came almost two weeks ahead of time, and feels wonderful. I have shot from it maybe 200-250 times since I bought it. I honestly have no regrets with this bow. The draw string did start fraying after a little while, just on my third day shooting. That may be the only complaint i have, otherwise this bow is amazing.”

“I began shooting at 5 yards, mainly to get used to nocking an arrow, drawing it, and releasing. The first thing i realized was how weak i was. This 60lb bow kicks my rear end (aswell as my arms). For the next week ill likely just practice drawing until i build up the muscle to hold it back for more than 5 seconds. If you’re looking for an affordable quality recurve bows for sale, this one should be your best choice.

Another thing i realized is the arrows were chewing up my left hand a bit, where the arrow rests. Im not to sure if that’s just something i need to get used to or im doing something wrong. please let me know if thats not supposed to happen.”

Q & A:

1. Is this bows limbs laminated wood with fiberglass reinforced /or/ is this bow 100% fiberglass limbs?

The limbs are all fiberglass while the handle and siyahs are wood. It has a red artificial snakeskin cover. I have never had any issues with this bow and it has avery smooth draw and shoots faster than expected.

2. What is the best way to string this bow? Do you have a bow stringer that you recommend for it?

I string it through my legs like any other recurve. But if you absolutely must do it the traditional way then go to YouTube and look up how to string a Mongolian bow.

3. Can this bow be used by a left handed person?

It should be fully possible to use this either left or right hand . As there is no shelf, you would shoot off of the back of your hand. (Wear a bow glove on that hand).

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