Cheap Recurve Bows Under $150

Cheap Recurve Bows For Shooting&Hunting

Archery is often seen as an expensive sport because of the equipment associated with it. While that is true to some degree, due to strong upply chain management we can offer excellent cheap recurve bows that work well with those on a budget.All of these bows are high quality despite not being expensive, and you’ll be getting great value with each one.

1)Takedown Recurve Bow 45/50 Lbs

Everything you need in a recurve bow at an unbelievable price.This takedown bow shoots fast and is light weight. Great recurve bow for the target shooter , small game hunter or for big game in the 40-50 lbs versions . Very beautiful and clean finish.

China Takedown bow 45/50 Lbs

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This smooth-drawing, 53″ takedown bow combines high-quality value and performance.Riser is made of Elm hard woods. Limbs consist of fiberglass and artifical leather. It allows for great comfort, stability and more precise shooting with excellent arrow speed.

2) Wuyi Horsebow 35/45 Lbs

The 35/45 Lbs Wuyi horse bow is an excellent choice for beginner, youth and women. You can get it at affordable price here in our shop.
chinese horse bow

3)One Piece Traditional Recurve Bows 35~70#

one piece traditional recurve bow

Also called Qing bow. the Manchu one piece recurve bow is the bow that the Manchus brought into China when they invaded the Ming empire in the early 17th century. As the Manchus advanced and took control of all of China, the style of bow replaced the native Chinese styles of composite bows in use during the late Ming completely.

Remember that with a traditional recurve bow the weight will change depending upon what your draw length is. Bow weight will change approximately ±2.5 pounds for every inch from a bows rated draw length. So a bow rated 45# @ 28″ bow is roughly a 42.5# @ 27″ or 47.5# @ 29″. Draw weight is marked at the nearest 5# increment to actual weight, (2#’s under and 3#’s over). This is a recurve bow industry wide standard.

Citeria for an inexpensive recurve bow

1. Price-Under $150
Everyone will have a different definition of what an inexpensive recurve bow is. To us, this is anything under $150. We tried to keep all of our bows with price under $150 in order to give more benefits to archery fans.

2.Draw weight
Once you’ve decided what your budget is, you then need to decide on a draw weight.Draw weight means the “force” required to pull the bow string through a ~28 inch distance.Recurves/longbows are different from compounds in that their peak weight is at full draw length, and the longer your draw length the higher that peak weight will be. Most trad bows have their listed weight measured at a standard 28″ draw. If you draw less than that you will actually have a peak weight lower than what it listed on the bow, and if longer then a higher weight. Generally, a trad bow will increase/decrease about 2~3 pounds for each inch over/under 28″ draw. If your draw length is 26″, then you are probably peaking at about 40 Lbs for the bow marked with 45 Lbs.

3.Draw length
Draw back an extra-long arrow to full draw and having someone mark the arrow right in front of the handle. Measure the arrow from the mark to the valley (deepest part) of the nock groove.This is your draw length.

Please keep in mind that if your looking for cheap recurve bows to hunt with, it should have a minimum draw weight of 40 pounds. This is because weaker bows tend to have trouble piercing the thick skin of your prey, especially if shot from a distance greater than 20 yards, and particularly so if you’re hunting for bigger game like Elk for example. So if you’re going for an affordable hunting bow, make sure it’s 40 lbs or more. And don’t forget SHARP cut-on-contact broad head (G5 Montec or Rage) and good arrows.

Cheap Custom Recurve Bows

There’s no such a thing! We offer Customized bows but they’re expensive and take a lot of time to make, so if you are looking for something durable (like a Black Widow), then would like to pay hundreds and often over a thousand dollars, feel free to email us your requirements.

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