China Archery Bows And Arrows Set For Sale

Bow And Arrows For Sale

As a professional traditional archery supplier in China, we offer 1-piece&take down recurve bows and arrows for adults, youth&women, draw weight ranging from 35 lb to 60 lb.

Traditional Manchu Bows For Sale

Draw weight:40~60 lb

one piece traditional recurve bow

Also called Qing bow. the Manchu bow is the bow that the Manchus brought into China when they invaded the Ming empire in the early 17th century. As the Manchus advanced and took control of all of China, the style of bow replaced the native Chinese styles of composite bows in use during the late Ming completely. A likely reason is that all bowyers were instructed to produce Manchu style bows in this period for the war effort. The war lasting many decades, they never went back to producing other style bows.The Manchu composite bow was the standard bow of the Qing, but not all styles of archery practiced in the Qing are Manchu archery.

Currently we carry a large selection of 35-60 lb traditoinal hunting recurve bows and arrows, including one piece and take down type with different finishes.Please keep in mind that if your looking for cheap recurve bows to hunt with, it should have a minimum draw weight of 40 pounds. This is because weaker bows tend to have trouble piercing the thick skin of your prey, especially if shot from a distance greater than 20 yards, and particularly so if you’re hunting for bigger game like Elk for example. So if you’re going for an affordable hunting bow, make sure it’s 40 lbs or more. And don’t forget SHARP cut-on-contact broad head (G5 Montec or Rage) and good arrows.

Traditional Horse Bows

Draw weight:35 lb

chinese horse bow

Our 35 lb horse bows is well suited to small game, birds, and target shooting where performance is not a concern like it is for big game. Today’s arrow choices let us have good target performance from low power bows. There are a lot of archers that are not concerned with anything but having fun shooting a bow. This little horsebow and arrows is perfectly sized for the smaller framed shooter, like women, youth, and those that just can not handle heavy powerful bows.The very low brace height will help the short draw shooters get as much from it as it has to give. Surprisingly the little 50″ bow will also draw to 29″ which is longer than most of us draw.

Archery Arrows For Sale

We offer wooden, fiberglass, carbon arrows.

wooden arrows for sale

Wood is the most prolific and successful arrow material ever used by man. They’ve been in continuous use for thousands of years, keeping us fed, protecting us from enemies, and delighting us in bowhunting and target archery venues. Natural feathers are important to good arrow flight for traditional bows. Plastic vanes will not provide good arrow flight. Natural feathers will flatten and collapse without altering the arrow’s flight, unlike plastic vanes which will not. Our staff has a great passion for tradition wood arrows, bows, and their craft skill learned from their family’s heritage. From wood selection, straightening, to fletching (gluing on feathers), tapering, mounting points, all is hand made in order to insure the quality.

The fiberglass arrows is more durable and heavier than wooden arrows,one piece fiberglass arrow including its steel broadhead is about 43 gram(about 663.5 grain). The length of fiberglass is usually 28/30/32 inches.

Carbon fiber is the most popular material for making arrows these years. It’s more durable straighter, and lighter than fiberglass/wooden arrows. one piece carbon arrow (without broadhead) is about 20.5 gram(316 grain). After equipped with sharp broadheads(usually 100~125 grain), you can easily use it in hunting.

Find the correct bow and arrows

There’s some basic knowledge before purchasing any bows and arrows.

Step #1: Determine Your Draw Length

If you do not own a compound bow nor have access to one, you’ll need to follow the draw length calculation method outlined in this article. This approach is surprisingly accurate and very rarely delivers inaccurate results. The alternative is to visit an archery pro-shop in your area and have them measure draw length for you, though I understand this is not possible for everyone.

Step #2: Choose Arrow Length

With older compound bows, choosing the proper length of your arrows was a somewhat complicated process. Thanks to advances in technology and improvements in design, things have become much easier. You simple take your draw length and add 0.5″ up to a maximum 1″ to determine appropriate arrow length. So if your draw length is 28″, you should get arrows with a maximum length of 29″.

arrow length
What this will do is give you an arrow that will be just long enough to clear the front-most part of the arrow shelf. Keep in mind that the length of an arrow is measured from the deepest part of the nock groove, to the end of the shaft. It does not include the length of your field points or broad heads.

Step #3: Minimum Arrow Weight

An important part of choosing the right type of arrow revolves about choosing the right weight.It is tempting to get the lightest possible combination of shaft and point you can tune.However, it is important not to go below the minimum safe weight.If you do, you will, in effect, be ‘dry firing’ your bow and doing serious damage to the limbs.You may even shatter the shaft as you loose. For example, the minimum arrow weight for 40# bow is 280 grain. Below is a chart for Minimum Arrow Weight.Just use heavy (400 or higher grains) arrows and you won’t have any penetration issues.

IBO Minimum Allowable Arrow Weight
For most traditional bows you want an arrow at least 8 or 9 grains per draw weight. Using this formula a 64 lb @ 28″ bow should have at a minimum an arrow weighting between 512 grains and 576 grains. But if you’re drawing to 30 inches then you’re actually pulling about 6 lbs more, or around 70 lbs. With too light an arrow you risk damaging the bow and possibly even injuring yourself.

Step #4: Find your Draw Weight

Draw weight means the “force” required to pull the bow string through a ~28 inch distance.Recurves/longbows are different from compounds in that their peak weight is at full draw length, and the longer your draw length the higher that peak weight will be. Most trad bows have their listed weight measured at a standard 28″ draw. If you draw less than that you will actually have a peak weight lower than what it listed on the bow, and if longer then a higher weight. Generally, a trad bow will increase/decrease about 2~3 pounds for each inch over/under 28″ draw. If your draw length is 26″, then you are probably peaking at about 40 Lbs for the bow marked with 45 Lbs.

Step #5: Learn how to string a bow

A bow stringer is a device designed to string bows. Bow stringers come in two basic designs, double pocket or saddle type. Both types have a strong nylon cord which has on one end a large leather (or rubber) pocket which fits over the bottom limb tip and at the other end, in the case of the “Double Pocket Type”, a smaller leather (or rubber) pocket or in the case of the “Saddle Type”, a saddle made of rubber or leather having a dimpled rubber surface.

With both style of bow stringers, the larger pocket fits onto the bottom limb tip over the string and helps in keeping the string in place.The smaller pocket on the “Double Pocket“ type fits over the top limb tip and allows the string to be placed into the string groove of the upper limb.The Saddle of the “Saddle” type stringer fits just behind the string which should be looped around the upper limb.

You’ll need to follow the procedures about how to string a bow outlined in this article.

See all available bows and arrows here at our shop.

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