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Draw weight:      30-60 lb

one piece traditional recurve bow

In ancient China, archery techniques were divided into Han archery and Hu archery. Han archery means the original Chinese archery; Hu archery means the archery techniques from other nationalities living in the west region of China. In Yuan Dynasty(Empire established by sons of Genghis Khan), Mongol Bow Features have been combined into Tradition Chinese Bow and Arrow. And Qing Dynasty maybe the last Empire that have army equipped with Bow and Arrows in Chinese History as Gun weapons released and show its power in battles.  

The Chinese Bow we make and sell nowadays is mainly Qing Bow also called Manchu bow.

Hand Made Chinese Bows for sale

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Hand Made

We’re proud to sell Chinese Composite Bows For Sale on line. All of our chinese bows is hand-made by our experienced staff. With new material like fiberglass integrated, our bow is more durable.

Manchu Bow(Chinese Composite Bow)

Manchu Composite BowAlso called Qing bow. the Chinese Manchu bow is the bow that the Manchus brought into China when they invaded the Ming empire in the early 17th century. As the Manchus advanced and took control of all of China, the style of bow replaced the native Chinese styles of composite bows in use during the late Ming completely. A likely reason is that all bowyers were instructed to produce Manchu style bows in this period for the war effort. The war lasting many decades, they never went back to producing other style bows.The Manchu composite bow was the standard bow of the Qing, but not all styles of archery practiced in the Qing are Manchu archery. Nowadays, there’s 3 main types Manchu composite bow, including Qing bow, Qinghai bow and Mongolian bow.

The Chinese Composite Bow construction

composite bow construction
bow string bridge

The structure material of our Authentic style Chinese bow is Wooden and Fiberglass, which makes the bow more durable than old crafts. The outside of the bow has been wrapped by Pigskin&Snakeskin. The length of Chinese bow is mainly 134~146cm, draw weight ranges from 35lbs to 85lbs. The main feature of Qinghai Chinese Bow is the Wooden String Rest, you can see it from the above picture on the right side. More info , pls visit Wiki’s page about Composite Bow

History of Chinese Bow and Arrows

Archaeological discoveries proved that archery in China dates back 20,000 years. Practical archery takes three conditions: a bow strong enough to propel arrows, arrows that are sharp enough to kill, and a technique to ensure the stability of arrows in flight. The bow and arrow in ancient China fully met the three conditions. Archaeologists have unearthed finely made arrowheads in a site of the Paleolithic Age in Shanxi Province. Made of stone, the arrowheads were sharp and pointed, and could be mounted on a shaft. No bow was found at the site, since chinese bows were usually made of wood,  bamboo and perhaps tendon of animals and could not remain intact for so many years. But the arrowheads were enough to prove the existence of bows.

As for how to keep the arros stable in flight, Kao-Gong-Ji, the earliest work on science and technology in China, writes under the item of THE ARCHER: “Decide the proportions of the shaft to install the feathers.  The feathers at the end of the shaft are installed in three directions, and then the arrowhead is mounted. An arrow thus made will not lose its balance even in strong winds.” It also says, “When the feathers are too many, the arrows will slow down; when the feathers are too few, the arrow will become unstable.” Later on, ancient Chinese developed bronze arrowheads and the crossbow, upgreading archery to a new height.

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