Auto-Light Archery Lighted S Nocks

Auto-Light Archery Lighted S Nocks

lighted nocks fits easton carbon arrows

easy assemble archery lighted nocks

Video of Lighted nocks

Introduction of Lighted nocks

The Lighted nocks to be built to spec with the ideal combination of LED brightness, battery life and durability. The Light comes on when arrow is released and stays on until you turn it off. The lithium battery has a 3 years shelf life and will stay lit continuously for 40 hours.

Benefits of Lighted nocks

The lighed nocks work great for hunting and target shooting. The Lighted nocks aids the archer with Bow Tuning .You can see erratic arrow flight much better because of the light on the end of the arrow.Practicing at greater distances allows the archer to immediately associate the result of a shot with his effort. The archer’s ability to see the arrow from release to impact at distances beyond 100 yards allows unprecedented rapid feedback to the shooter, even with today’s fastest bows. If your bow needs tuning, or your form needs improvement, the Lighted nocks will help you realize it and address those issues.

Assemble Instructions of Lighted up nocks

Click here to download the instructions with photos

P.S. We can’t guarantee how long We can keep the price this low. We encourage you to grab your lighted nocks today to make sure you get this special pricing.


Lighted arrow nocks Features:

Will fit arrow shaft with ID (Inside Diameter): 0.245″ (6.2mm)
Light color: Red/Green
Nock Material: Plastic
Nock Length: 5.3cm
Battery life: 40 hours
Water Proof: yes

Easy Off: Simply pull the nock straight back until the light turns off – no tools required.

Bowhunting and archery is difficult enough. Why would you choose equipment that is difficult to operate? We found that most of the lighted nocks on the market are difficult to turn off and we think that is frustrating and unnecessary. The LED should be easy to turn off so you can get back to what you enjoy – shooting!


With the above features, we believe that our lighted nock offers the most affordable lighted nock available on the present market. Knowing the above: if you demand a lighted nock for your archery setup, can you afford not to have our lighted nocks at the back of your arrow for the moments that seeing the shot is everything?


1. How to assemble the lighted nocks to arrows?

Firstly, remove the old nocks, which is outlined in this article
Secondly, just need to fix the End cap into the arrow shaft.
Click here to see the Assemble Instruction.

2. Why some of the lighted nocks do not work?

Due to long distance shipping to your address, the battery of lighted nocks would go into “frozen” condition. When you touch the lighted nocks to the End Cap, if the nocks do not turn into lighting, then it’s the “frozen” condition. Pls throw the nocks hardly to the ground to active the battery. Don’t worry about the nocks, it’s vey strong and will not got broken during the “activation”.

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