Archery Combat Tag Equipment For Sale

What is Archery Combat Tag Game?


Archery Combat is an fantastic new safe and friendly combat archery sport that can be played indoors or outdoors. Archery Combat Tag is a LARP game that combines elements from dodge ball, paintball, laser tag, and traditional archery. It blends the best aspects of these sports while adding the skill of archery. A safe sport that can be played both indoors and outdoors, Archery Combat can be a year-round activity that everyone can enjoy. Enjoy with friends, family or work colleagues. Archery Combat is a great way to encourage our younger generation to switch off the gadgets and learn some skills!


Archery Combat Tag Equipment For Sale


ArcheryTag Equipment For Sale

As a professional manufacturer, we’re proud to offer S.A.F.E standard bows, arrows, arm guards, face mask, inflatable bunkers for Archery combat game. An Archery game location will usually have the following equipments:

* Archery Bows
These bows are made of durable fiberglass limbs and covered by stylish faux leather. The draw weight rang from 25 to 35 lb, satisfy a whole family’s Archery Tag Combat Game needs. Our bows are perfect for shooting both ArcheryTag arrows and regular arrows, and are perfectly safe when used responsibly with ArcheryTag arrows.

* Archery Foam-Tipped Arrows

archery tag arrowsThese Safe arrows have a flat, foam tip making them safe for use in ArcheryTag. These arrows can be used on bows with maximum draw weight and draw length of 35 pounds at a 28 inch draw. These fiberglass/carbon shafts are durable and flexible.

* Arm Guards
Arm Guard with Heavy-leather construction can protect your inner forearm from string slap.

* Face Masks
archery tag face maskThe face mask is the most important piece of Archery equipment you’ll own.

Your mask is vital for your safety. Comfort is also an important consideration.

If you have to wear a mask all day long, you want to make sure it fits securely and comfortably.




* Inflatable Bunkers ( obstacle )

ArcheryTag Inflatable bunkers

These fun inflatables quickly proved to be a great addition for Archery game by giving players an additional element of intensity to an already exciting game! They loved being able to hide and strategize their next move from behind the bunkers. Not only that, the bunkers added an increased challenge to the game for players; naturally encouraging their creativity as they decided how they would pull off that “perfect shot”.

We’re pleased to offer all the above Equipments For Archery Game, you can shop them in our store.

If you need large quantity, feel free to contact us for discounts.


Archery  Combat Rules



The objective of archery is to “tag” members of the other team with your foam-tipped arrows. When an arrow hits a player, the participant is eliminated from the game. While removing members of the opposing team stacks the odds in your favor, your ultimate goal is to knock out the five centers on the spot-target located on the competitors’ side.

*Age Restrictions

Players must be at least eight years old to play Archery – no exceptions! Although this is not a dangerous game, players must still sign a waiver before each game. If the player is under 18, a parent or legal guardian must also sign the waiver giving the child permission to play.

*Methods Of Playing

There are several ways to play Archery. One popular method is by points. You receive points for hits to both other players and the spot-target. Keeping up with the score in such a fast-paced game is difficult, so a referee is often present to keep track. For each opposing player you eliminate and spot target hit, you receive ten points. Eliminating all players or clearing the spot target gets you an additional twenty points.

A more simple way to play Archery is to judge a win on these three basic criteria:

Whichever team eliminates all the players on the opposing team.
The team with the fewest centers missing from their spot-target in the allotted time.
The team that knocks out all five spots on the opposing target first.

*You’re Out!

You are “out” of the game if you are hit by the foam-tipped arrow on any part of the body besides the head. An Archery player can also be disqualified if he or she breaks any of the game rules.


Playing The Archery Game


To start the game, each player has a traditional recurve bow made specifically for Archery and a facemask to protect their eyes. The two teams are put on opposite sides of the playing field, with a safety zone in the middle. Prior to the match, arrows are placed in this safety zone for retrieval, and no shooting is allowed in this zone during the entirety of the game. Additionally, of course, players are not allowed to cross this barrier to enter the opposing team’s territory. If you break this rule and encroach on enemy territory, you are automatically disqualified from the game.

The Archery boffer arrows have foam tips for safety, and a player is only allowed to hold two arrows at any given time. Managing your inventory of Archery safe arrows in an important part of the overall game strategy. If you run out of arrows, your only hope in becoming a dominant player is either to catch an arrow shot by the other team, retrieve a missed shot, or have a teammate give you one of their arrows.

In order to bring a player back into the game after he or she has been eliminated, you must hit a spot-target or catch an arrow mid-air from one of the opposing team members. Be careful, though, because missing the catch will mean you are eliminated, as well!

Each high-intensity game lasts only a maximum of seven minutes, and can include up to two game rounds. The game ends officially when one team has managed to eliminate all the players on the opposing team, or has hit all five spot-targets. The fast-paced speed of Archery keeps players on their feet and moving at all times. Although the games are quick, the active pace is designed for high-energy players.

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