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There’s many Books about Archery in the bookstore, we’ve selected some that’s funny and useful to our clients as free gifts. Below is the list.

The Beginner's Guide1)Archery: The Beginner’s Guide
You have no interest in archery and don’t understand it. But unfortunately, you’ve found yourself in a situation where you have to seem interested in archery. Maybe you want to fit in more at work or school. Maybe you want to make your significant other feel special by learning about the sport they love. Or maybe you actually are interested in the sport but just don’t know where to begin. But whatever your situation, you need to learn the basics of archery. This short, simple, and to the point book will get you up to speed on all the information you need to know.

Archery 4th Edition Steps to Success


2)Archery-4th Edition: Steps to Success
Master the skills, techniques, and strategies in order to shoot accurately, consistently, and safely.Archery: Steps to Success is packed with progressive instruction and accompanying full-color photos


Traditional archery hunting3)Traditional archery hunting: stories and advice about traditional bowhunting

In this entertaining collection of stories, Clay Hayes takes readers on adventures across the country. From the mysteries of the southern swamps, to the rugged mountains of central Idaho, Clay brings woodsmanship, and a fascination with nature, to the forefront. His enthusiasm and dedication to the hunt is evident as he reminds us that it’s more about the journey than the destination; more about the effort than the inches.

4)The Ultimate Guide to Traditional ArcheryThe Ultimate Guide to Traditional Archery
Traditional archery is spoken in every language, in every culture. Archery embodies the philosophy that newer is not always better, that faster does not always win the race, that easier is not always in one’s best interest. With the help of The Ultimate Guide to Traditional Archery, learn to rise to an ancient challenge, and with bow in hand, reconnect with the world around you.






Everything a beginner needs to know about starting out in target archery from finding a club to technique and equipment. Also contains information on etiquette, health and safety, scoring and entering tournaments.



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